1. Prepare a proposal, liaising with your advisor.
  2. Conduct your study, and write your thesis.
  3. Complete and defend your thesis.
  4. Submit your thesis, meeting the formatting requirements to get the approval of the Office of GSE.
  5. Complete the exit procedures listed below:
    • Make sure the Approval Pages are signed in blue ink by the committee members. Check with the Office of the GSE to confirm how many extra copies you need to have.
    • Go to the Council of Higher Education’s Thesis Center (Ulusal Tez Merkezi) website to complete the Thesis/Dissertation Data Entry Form (Sample Form) following the guidelines given. Download and take at least three copies of the completed form to the Office of the GSE/
    • Prepare 3 CDs, making sure that each of which includes your thesis/dissertation saved as the reference number (i.e. referencenogiven.pdf) given by the Thesis Center, and each of which is labeled as the reference number given.
    • Take at least three bound copies of your thesis/dissertation to the Office of GSE for getting the approval, and signature, of the Director of the Graduate School of Education. Leave a copy with the Office of the GSE.
    • Take a signed and approved bound copy to the Bilkent University Library together with a Thesis/Dissertation Database Submission and Permission Form together with one of the CDs. Remember to leave the other two CDs with the Office of the GSE.
    • Fill in the Graduate Thesis/Dissertation Access Postponement Request Form, and take it to the Library (optional). N.B. note that the GSE Executive Board approval is to be obtained well in advance.
    • Complete the termination of enrolment form (İlişik Kesme Formu)