Doctoral Procedures & Forms

I. Academic Preparation: Satisfactory completion of the academic preparatory program when/if required before starting the PhD program.

Doctoral Program: The PhD in Curriculum and Instruction program is composed of 4 required credit-bearing courses, 4 restricted elective courses and 2 required non-credit courses. All designated courses (except CI 699 and GE 690) are to be completed within 4 semesters. 

III. Qualifying examination: The qualifying examination consists of written and oral components, and is to be conducted within first five semesters.  Successful completion of all credit bearing courses, and the seminar course is required to take the examination.  After successful required course completion, the student is required to formally write to their department chair to confirm the semester in which they would like to take the qualifying examination. 

Thesis Monitoring Committee: After successful completion of the qualifying examination, a dissertation monitoring committee is formed within a month.

V. PhD Thesis Proposal: The student who successfully completes the qualifying examination stage is required to defend their thesis proposal before the Thesis Monitoring Committee within six months after the qualifying examination. The committee members are submitted a copy of the proposal two weeks at the latest before the oral defence of the proposal.

Dissertation Monitoring Committee Meetings: Once the proposal is accepted by the Thesis Monitoring Committee, the committee convenes twice a year: between January and June, and between July and December. The first meeting cannot be held earlier than three months, or later than six months, after the proposal is accepted. The time frame between two meetings cannot be shorter than 4 months. The students is required to send a progress report (which includes a summary of what has been completed during the period concerned, and a plan for the next period meeting) to the committee members a month before the meeting. A post-meeting report prepared by the advisor is sent to the GSE within two weeks after each meeting.

VI. Permission to Conduct Research:

VIII. Publication: At least one manuscript (derived from the PhD thesis), which has been published or accepted for publication in a reputable journal recognized by the Office of Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, is required before the PhD Thesis Examination. 

IX. PhD Thesis Examination: When considered ready by the advisor, a PhD Thesis examination process starts.

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X. Formatting

Academic Integrity

XII. PhD Degree: The student who is considered successful after the PhD Thesis Examination, who meets formatting requirements, and who completes exit procedures is awarded the PhD degree. 

XIII. Exit Procedures include the following:

For exact procedures and details, please refer to the 
Bilkent University Graduate Studies Rules and Regulations (in Turkish)