MA Thesis Submission, Examination & Exit Procedures


  • When you complete your thesis (formatted using the APA Style (7th ed.), and send it to your advisor
Thesis Advisor 
  • When you confirm your student is ready to defend the thesis, send the thesis to the Office of the Department concerned.
  • Send the thesis to, following the Turnitin procedures.
  • Send the Turnitin report to the committee members in a timely manner
  • Send a copy of the thesis and the manuscript (*together with the acceptance letter if not published yet) to the PhD Thesis Examination Committee Members in a timely manner
  • Send the thesis to the Office of Graduate School of Education
  • Nominate MA thesis examination committee members liaising with the advisor
  • Complete the nomination form, and send it to the Office of Graduate School of Education 
Office of the GSE
  • The GSE Executive Board convenes to form and finalize the PhD thesis examination committee members considering the names nominated by the department concerned.

It is recommended that the following stages are followed by the committee members. Please note that the oral defence should be video- and/or sound-recorded preferably using a cloud-based video conferencing platform (e.g. Zoom) during the pandemic.

Stage 1 (Preparation):
o select a chair
o decide if the MA thesis is at a level worth defending.
o proceed with the examination if there is no objection, and agree on the procedures to follow (e.g., order of questions, what the candidate is expected to do).
Stage 2 (Examination):
o When ready, invite the candidate and the audience, if any, to the room. The chair welcomes the candidate, and the audience, and explains the procedures (e.g. duration of presentation (about 15-20 mins) + Q&A, that the members of the audience may ask questions after the presentation, when invited, etc.)
o let the candidate present the thesis, and then begin the Q & A, considering the following:
o   The chair ensures the order in which the committee members ask questions
o   The chair moderates the defence, and ensures that any questions posed by the committee members are addressed by the candidate. 
o   The chair asks if the members of the audience would like to ask any questions.
o   The thesis advisor mainly takes notes, and confirms action, as necessary. The advisor is not expected to ask, or respond to, any questions or be involved in discussion unless invited.
o   When there are not further questions, the chair asks the candidate, and the members of the audience, to leave the room.

Stage 3 (Final decision):

o discuss and evaluate the performance of the candidate privately, e.g., if the thesis meets the academic standards, and if the candidate has effectively demonstrated an acceptable level of knowledge, understanding, and ability to answer the questions. 
o make one of the following decisions in relation to the performance of the candidate:
·       Accept”  as is , or with minor changes: the candidate is granted up to 1 month to finalize all the procedures (see below).
·       "Revision” (i.e., substantial changes needed): the candidate is granted up to 3 months to resubmit, and re-defend, the thesis
·       “Reject”: the candidate is dismissed
o   invite the candidate to the room, convey the decision of the committee, and confirm the next course of action (e.g., changes to be made; whether any of the committee members would like to see the thesis again after the changes, etc.)

Thesis Advisor
  • send the MA Thesis Examination Report Form to the Office of the Department concerned right after the examination.
  • send the final version of the thesis to, when the format checking process is completed by the Office of Graduate School of Education following
  • send the recording to

  • send the MA Thesis Examination Report Form to the Office of Graduate School of Education in three business days.


·       Submit the final version of your thesis to the Office of Graduate School of Education for format checking; Theses that are not in line with the guidelines given will not be accepted by the Graduate School of Education (GSE)
·       Make any necessary changes in a timely manner
·       Fill in the Thesis Database Entry Form (Tez Veri Girişi ve Yayımlama Formu) via following the guidelines given.
·       Take at least 3 additional Thesis Approval pages including the signature of the committee members to the Office of the GSE
·       Take the bound copies to the Office of GSE for approval; a copy to be left with the Office.
·       Take an approved bound copy to the Bilkent University Library together with a Thesis Database Submission and Permission Form.
· one of the CDs including a copy of the thesis to be saved as the reference number given to the thesis (i.e.
referencenogiven.pdf); only this CD should include the signed Approval Page, and it needs to be given to the Library;
· the other CD to be given to the GSE Office (use the reference number to label this CD as well)
·       Fill in the Graduate Thesis Access Postponement Request Form (optional)
·       Complete the termination of enrolment form (İlişik Kesme Formu)