MA in Curriculum and Instruction with Teaching Certificate

Teacher Education

The goal of the Teacher Education program is to prepare highly qualified beginning teachers.

Bilkent University is committed to preparing teachers who:

 - will enter the teaching profession as highly qualified beginning teachers

- have first class knowledge of the subject matter they will teach

- have a modern approach to the teaching of their subject

- prepare and teach lessons which actively promote success in learning

- understand how school students learn and develop

- can effectively assess their students’ learning

- can establish orderly and well-organized classrooms which encourage student learning

- have a positive and caring attitude towards their students

- are fluent in English and Turkish are skilled in the use of modern technology

- have knowledge of research methods, and have conducted their own research

- have potential to make a valuable contribution to the teaching profession and become educational leaders. 

The two-year program in teacher education at Bilkent University Graduate School of Education awards a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction, together with a Teaching Certificate which qualifies graduates to teach in high schools. The courses to be followed include the formation courses laid down by the Higher Education Council (YÖK) for qualified teacher status, further  courses in education, and a thesis. Currently, the Graduate School of Education accepts students in four subject areas: Turkish language and literature, English, biology and mathematics. A strong feature of the program is students’ experience in schools. Each semester students have an internship in leading high schools in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir, observing classes and teaching. In addition they have an internship in England. The teacher education courses of the program cover the required educational knowledge and skills. Subject-area and liberal arts courses broaden and extend students’ understanding of their subject area and educational philosophy. Strong emphasis is given to international dimensions, including the International Baccalaureate and IGCSE curricula. 

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