Degree programs

Bilkent GSE aspires to foster excellence in teaching and reasearch. It offers a high-quality degree program for preparing outstanding teachers who stimulate change and reform in educational communities. 


MA in Curriculum and Instruction with Teaching Certificate 

Bilkent Graduate School of Education opened in 2000 with a teacher education program offering a master's degree, dedicated to producing well qualified high school teachers in five subject areas: biology, English, mathematics, Turkish language and literature, and physics. Since then we have graduated over four hundred teachers. Most of these alumni were appointed on graduation to teach in prestigious schools in Turkey, and many have since gone on to take their place as leaders in schools, and are already making contributions to the development of education in Turkey. Since 2011, students who successfully complete their two-year program at the Graduate School of Education also gain an International Baccalaureate Teacher Award. The MA in Curriculum Instruction with Teaching Certificate (CITE) program provides an opportunity for qualified students to obtain a teaching certificate recognized by the Ministry of National Education, a teaching-learning certificate recognized by the International Baccalaureate Organization, an MA degree in Curriculum and Instruction, in a combined, full-time, local and international practicum-centered, two-year academic and professional program. (For more information: )

Director: Asst. Prof. Dr. Necmi Aksit 

MA in Curriculum and Instruction 

The MA in Curriculum and Instruction was opened in 2007. The program is for professional practitioners in education, including school teachers, who wish to continue their education while still working as educators. (For more information

MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

The Master of Arts degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) at Bilkent University was established in 1988 to enhance the quality of English language instruction in Turkey. It is now firmly established as one of the premier TEFL programs in Turkey, with an emphasis on research and on promoting the professional development of practicing teachers. Over nearly 27 years, hundreds of teachers from around the country and region have successfully completed the MA TEFL program. Bilkent University is proud of its MA TEFL graduates, who are among the leaders of English language teaching in Turkey. For more information: 

PhD in Curriculum and Instruction 

The PhD program in Curriculum and Instruction was opened in 2011. It is aimed at teachers and other educators who will contribute to the advancement of knowledge and methods of enquiry through independent and original research, allowing them to make an effective and up-to-date contribution to quality education within the education sectors in Turkey. (For more information

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