MA in Curriculum and Instruction

MA in Curriculum and Instruction is a part-time program,  designed for teachers, mentors, supervisors who wish to develop their knowledge base, deepen their understanding, and enhance their skills.  The program enables participants to meet the needs of the educational institutions where they work, and encourages school-based research. It will enable participants to assist in the professional development of colleagues within their area. Those seeking positions of responsibility in a school will be able to offer an extended informed theoretical and practical background of relevance to their duties in such positions. 

The program is designed to allow interdisciplinary participants the opportunity to engage in issues concerning curriculum development, instructional design and evaluation. The focus is also on advancing the research and knowledge base in the field of curriculum and instruction.  

We offer two evening courses every semester. Participants take a total of 8 three-credit courses and 3 non-credit courses in two years, and complete the thesis in their third year.