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Basic Formatting Guidelines

Graduate School of Education
Formatting Guidelines


Checklist 1: General Formatting

Checklist 2: Preliminary Pages 


Checklist 3: Main Body  


  • Paragraphing:
  • Footnotes (if any): use the footnote function of the word-processing program that you use.
  • Headings: Format headings after “each chapter” entry based on the explanation given in Appendix 2; no other formatting style is allowed
  • Figure Setup: Set up Figures following the examples given, and links provided,  in Appendix 3
  • Note that the Tables that do not fit on one page are to be split (See Creating a multi-page table )

    Checklist 4: Back Matter

          References (APA 7th

    Appendices (if necessary)
    Vita (required in PhD studies)

    Checklist 5: Other Matters

    §  Proofread and edit your thesis carefully, ensuring that it represents correct stand written English
      Inconsistent formatting, if any, must be corrected before submitting your thesis to the Graduate School not to delay your graduation.