Format & Layout



A text is composed of the following sections:


[Cover page]

[Blank page]

[Dedication (optional)]

[Title page]

[Approval page]

Abstract (page iii) – about 150-250 words – single spaced if needed (on one page)

Özet – about 150-250 words – single spaced if needed (on one page)


Table of Contents

List of Tables

List of Figures

[Main Body of the Thesis/Dissertation] (APA 6th ed.), composed of 5 chapters

References (APA 6th ed )

Appendices (if any)

Vita (PhD only) 



The thesis/dissertation should be formed to printed on A4 size paper.



The text needs to be divided into two sections to have different page numbers or number formats. Roman numerals are used in the preliminary pages starting from numbering ‘Abstract’ with lower case ‘iii’. The Main Body and the pages that follow use Arabic numerals consecutively starting at Chapter one and starting from ‘1’. The title page counts as page ‘i’ but is not numbered. The numbers should be inserted in the top right corner.



A standard font (such as 12-point Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman) should be used consistently throughout the text, for all text including titles and headings. It is permissible to change the font size in tables, figures, and appendices.  



All pages must meet the following criteria: left-justified, and with a margin of at least 4 cm on the left side, and 2.5 cm on all other sides.



The entire text should be double-spaced. “Before and After Spacing”, which is accessible from Microsoft Word Paragraph dialog box, should be set to 0 pt.

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